Renee Reisenweaver (Slovakian) and Patty Yeager (Polish), owners of TRADITIONS have grown up making pierogi using their family recipes passed down from several generations.   Throughout their 12 year friendship, they have preserved their heritage by making pierogi at Easter and Christmas with their children and introduced it to mutual friends by hosting annual pierogi making parties.   In their households making pierogi has become a tradition to guarantee that their children do not lose site of the importance of family and their heritage.  More than anything, TRADITIONS would like to see this product become the catalyst to bringing back the desire to sit as a family during meals and share stories of the past and present. 

We at TRADITIONS believe that food bonds people and families together.   We also believe that tasty food, hand-made fresh, creates a feeling of home and is an expression of love for those you are serving.   Our faith reminds us that loving our neighbor as we love ourselves is the greatest commandment. 

We hope that you are able to enjoy our handmade pierogi surrounded with friends and family.